THE PINTOS | Newport Back Bay Family Session

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5 Simple Ways to Add Style to Your Photo Album - Fizara DIY

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ART 3202: Visual Communication 1 Blog Post 5 – sarahrendt

[…] The outline of this tree is symmetrical. Although not identically symmetrical on the inside, the elements within this paper cut illustration by Silvia Raga are well balanced. Dispersion can even be used in prints and textile designs. This pillow design by Charlotte Winter has gold dots that disperse from the bottom of the pillow. In this invitation that you can get at, there is a lightweight feel as there are a lot of open spaces between the bokeh lights located at the top of the card. The white color also adds to the romantic lightness within the design. This family photo by Rich Lander of Chard photographer is a really good example of foreground and background. The little girl is in the foreground as she is closer to the camera and in focus while her parents are in the background, farther away and not in focus. […]