STEPHANIE+CALEB | Dove Canyon Country Club Wedding

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Rob Kinney

Wow, Incredible photographer, incredible wedding… So sad to loose a family member!

Caroline Murungi

May the good Lord comfort the family during this difficult moment. May you seek and find peace in HIM.

Jason Gilbeaux

You captured this couples’ love and Beauty. I hope the Lord gives them all STRENGTH for their difficult journey ahead.

Lulu Nagy

Sa via dea dumnezeu putere Sa treceti Peste necazul Asta Mare.dumnezeu Sal aibe in paza Uli

Andrei Ionescu

beauty … … … condolences to the family for the loss of Paul!

Béláné Dezső

Nagyon szép eskűvő !

Schwanewedel Teodora Elena


Karen Dray Snowdy

My heart hurts for the whole Walker family. May this beautiful day live in you hearts forever.

Kellye Williams

Beautiful family This man was a part of! He was brought up by Good parent’s and had a Special connection with his sibling’s! Truly a Gentleman! We are Praying for all of his Loved one’s at this time! May the comfort of Jesus Love be with you all in this time! God Bless You all Love Kellye & Kid’s

Jessica McCullough

I have mixed emotions as I look at these photos, both happy and very, very sad. I loved it that Caleb was able to enjoy his wedding day with his best man by his side. Thank god for that. I am also so happy for the rest of the family–that everyone was there for Caleb’s wedding. But as I viewed the one family photo, I also became so very sad . . .for obvious reason that I cannot even type. What a beautiful, All-American, family. I viewed the show: “I’m Telling” today, I watched Paul say that Ashlie “ate like a human being” (as opposed to ‘like a pig,’ like the other boys said about their sisters), I knew then that Paul was an exceptional person. He couldn’t even think of a mean thing to say. I, too, am mourning the loss of wonderful human being. To Caleb, so happy for you.

Andrea Abbott

It just breaks my heart to look through these pictures, but what an awesome memory from that day that you will have of Paul and not just from that day but everyday that you were able to enjoy the time with him. Cling to those memories and remember he will always be with you.

Congratulations to the couple, your pictures are beautiful.


I will miss Paul everyday. He seemed like such a great guy. I enjoy looking at his pictures and reading his stories of generosity. I loved his movies…wasnt real crazy about the Fast and Furious movies. He died doing what he loved to do. I respect this man and his family. And all these heartless (as)sholes leaving rude comments about Paul and what happened that day are in total distaste. Paul’s memory will live on forever no matter if you liked the guy or not! He left his mark on the world.

Joe Dantone

I caught your watermark off the image posted in Yahoo News and decided to check out your work. I got into cars because of Paul and soon enough that is what got me to where I am in photography. I saw these images and was extremely happy. One because it shows the family so happy and having a great time. But mainly because as a photographer you did an amazing job at capturing those moments…the ones that family and friends will hold dearest. A picture…priceless. Great work and I hope the family gets through this hard time.

Stacey Allain

Caleb & Stephanie, your photos of your Wedding Day are stunnig. What an extremely happy time for you both. It is wonderful to see how close the Walker family is, and I for one am so glad you have not only captured some wonderful memories, but, that you have shared them with the world. I believe that after what has happened recently, that we all needed to see a happier time…

May the entire family share the strength and positive energy to become closer through this difficult time, and rise above the sorrow united together…as there are still many memories left for each of you to make in your paths…ones that Paul is smiling down upon and silently witnessing. Bless you all.


How special to have these beautiful family wedding photos, thinking and praying for you all.

Vicki Allen

I happened to follow this website and I just wanted to express my sincere condolences to the family of Paul Walker. My son is a die hard fan and losing his dad in a freak accident Nathan said a prayer for the family you can see in the wedding photos how absolutely normal we all are regardless our job in life shame on all those who starve to be in others lives when in reality it is none of their stinking business what a crock! In life or in death we all DESERVE privacy! Remember to live , laugh, and LOVE as Paul would have wanted! Hold each close and the memories of your lives together. God Bless you all

Zaid Khan


Penny Eaton

Such a beautiful couple and its really sad that paul was took away from you in such a tragic accident

Tara Shivamber-Polanco

Beautiful photos yet so sad! Happy times among family and friends then sadness and heartache to follow. Who knew? :,( May this family find the strength to move on in such a difficult time.

Véro Battistella

What a beautiful wedding !!! Who knew a month later Paul would passed away ? How sad for the parents to live a son wedding and a loss of another son within a month. Heartbreaking. My heart goes out with the Walker family. May Paul rest in peace. He’s an angel now.


What a stunningly beautiful couple. Best of all it appears that you’ve got the best combination, beauty inside and out! Thank you for sharing your photos with all of us. You can just feel the love and joy that was there that day. May you never forget that feeling. It will be love that will carry through all life brings you. Some of the lowest of lows, like losing your dear Paul who really was the best man in more ways than one. May love remain as you again experience some of the highs and the beauty that Paul enjoyed so much (like the ocean). I know he’ll be in your hearts forever. Paul Walker the V would be a great name for your 1st boy (you know he’d be cute). What a loving way to honor his memory. God Bless you!

Joana Molina

Beautiful photographer!!

Nancy Mawman

What a blessing this family made every minute count with eachother… so sad.. he was needed in heaven as an angel.. great man.. rip Paul


Beautiful wedding photos! I too have mixed emotions looking at these pictures, everyone looks so happy, they had no idea of the heartache only weeks away. That is a good thing, at least they will always have the precious memories of that day to cherish! Prayers and love to the Walker family!


This is so ironic. Who ever guess after this happy moment, a day of mourning come weeks later. May God strengthen the family. At least they have a day to cherish and remember a kind of angel ever exist between them. 🙁 Rip Paul-You’ll always be missed and live in our hearts. _ a lifetime fan of your inspiration life

Sandrine Moser

Ouah!!!! Vos photos de mariage sont vraiment magnifiques, que du bonheur

Alan Soares

Magnifique mariage tous mes vœux de bonheur bon courage pour toute la famille Paul est partit trop la vie est injuste

Ctfand Kahar

Beautiful photo.. I caught your watermark off the image posted in Twitter. Gonna write about this in my blog soon and link back this site. RIP Paul..

Dragan Lukic

nema problema moze sve sve sta zeli a i ja cu nesto da predlozim tamo kad vidim mesta za slikanje

Naomi Sherbundy

Love the photos!!