BRIE LEACH | Orange County Makeup Artist

Brie is a super talented makeup artist located here in Orange County. She was updating her website, Brie Does Makeup, and decided to update her headshots too! We went down a little spot in San Clemente that I love because of the clean white walls and the way the light comes in there. I loved shooting with Brie because she was so relaxed and ready to shoot! If any of you need makeup done for your big day check out her site and contact her! ENJOY!

Justin Douglas

She looks great and I’m digging her hair! Good Stuff Rich!

Temecula Wedding Photographer

Yeah Brie! Taking your dog to work..i like it. nice photos dude, but she seems like the type who would be more comfortable in a sleeveless Descendants t-shirt.


i love how crisp and monochromatic the first set of photos are.
of course, the brick is also amazing. she sure is a gorgeous girl!

Biju Oommen

Love your blog mate. Beautiful shots and model. I can see why you loved this location. Absolutely loved the bluish background too.


Wow… these are great. I love the styling and the color combinations.

Nick Bombich

Awesome photos. Keep up the good work. I enjoy looking at your stuff from time to time.

Monica Dyke

Beautiful images! I really love the last two.


Great photos; I especially love the last few with the blue background. It really draws attention to her eyes.


She is stunning! LOVE the colours in this shoot. Great job!

Meredith Lord

LOVE these images!!!!


these images look great – she has so many awesome ones to choose from!

Amen to the sleeveless Descendents t-shirt!!!