Camp ReCreation

A couple of weekends ago (gosh time is flying by), I was asked to shoot for a wonderful organization, Camp ReCreation in Orange County. In all honesty, I was a little hesitant at first since I was coming off of a really busy week. But I’m SO glad that I decided to do it! It’s amazing to be able to give back by doing something that I truly love. Capturing the beginning of a special week in these people’s lives is such a good feeling. Seeing all the smiles and hearing all the laughter and fun made any sort of tiredness go away. I hope I get the opportunity to shoot with them again! Thanks to Meghan and Katie from Intertwined Events for inviting me and for helping to put on such and incredible week of camp!


These smiles just kill me! SO happy 🙂


Darth Vader showed up…no big deal 😉


Here’s RayRay leading everyone in a little cheer! …which I later figured out it was really “Danger” by Mystikal


Gotta love the uni-brow! 😉


Lots of love to these guys for giving back and making things happen!


Seriously these pictures are AMAZING!!! I had the feeling of being there all over again – thank you so much for spending Sunday with us!!!!!


Amazing photos that really capture the spirit of the campers and the happiness the counselors feel when they arrive. Thanks!!!!


Thank you so much girls! I had such an amazing time there! I hope I was able to capture just half of the joy that they all felt. I love how excited they all were to be there and to hear so many of them saying that it was their 5th, 7th or even 10th year there! AMAZING! 🙂


You’ve captured so much with your camera. I wish my words could capture how happy your pictures make me. Beautiful. Life-giving. Love.


Clarice, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! SO glad that you enjoyed them so much! 🙂

"John" Viet Triet

Really stunning and beautiful photos! I felt like I just took a trip back to that wonderful day and the wonderful week. Thank you so much! We loved having you there!


Thanks so much John! It was such a great time! Thanks for having me and thanks for all that you do there! Can’t wait for more! 🙂

Randy W.

Rich, this is wonderful. You’ve captured the heart and spirit of all involved and also given the viewer a feeling of being there.