KIM+JOSH | Married


I love this!! I feel like I was there! The way you captured the emotion is amazing! I love the beach shots and totally feel the love


Thanks so much Jenae! It was a beautiful wedding and such a great couple…I love when that happens 🙂


These are all so great, but I especially LOVE the ones of them on the beach together. gorgeous!


That might be my favorite ring shot ever! You really rock the details. So many creative shots!

Danielle Vander Leun

Ugh, I L-O-V-E her freckles, what a beautiful couple. Kind of obsessed with the fruit shot, and the originality of the ring shot with the M&M’s. Great work, stoked to be an official follower of your work. 🙂


Thank you guys! I was stoked to be there! So glad you guys like it 🙂


ONE year ago…I don’t believe it! Rich these are AMAZING shots!! You are blessed with an incredible talent my friend! Also..thanks a lot now I have the California Dreams song stuck in my head! Where are earth was that taken?!?


Less than a year shooting weddings! I don’t believe it! You are a seriously talented photographer my friend!

And thanks for getting the California Dreams song stuck in my head now! Where on earth is that sign?

Maria Brar

where were these pictures taken?

Parva Cristian